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The Higgs Boson and Beyond

11 March 2013

At the University of Kent on 5 March John Ellis put the Higgs boson in its context, as a key element in the standard model of particle physics.

John Ellis with University of Kent Professors

He concluded his educational and entertaining lecture with the valuable pieces of information: that, with a very high degree of confidence, the particle found at CERN last July has spin 0, is elementary and not composite, and couples to other particles proportionately to their masses, all of which are demanded by the Standard Model, in order that this particle really is the Higgs.

In the photo Professor John Ellis, CERN and King's College London, is second from the left. The other people, all from the University of Kent, are, left to right, Dr Lewis Ryder, Professor Roy Chisholm and Dr Cyril Isenberg.

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