The contributions of photography to art and society

23 March 2012

Professor Mohamed Sobhy, School of Engineering and Digital Arts, University of Kent, spoke at our Kent Centre on 20 March 2012.

Professor Mohamed Sobhy (left) with Dr C Isenberg

Professor Sobhy reviewed the impact of photography on art and society, beginning from the camera obscura, that pre-dates Christ, and was used to draw authentic pictures. 

He discussed the impact of photography from the earliest applications to the current digital images using world examples from war years, social revolutions, artists' creations and scientific applications.

Some photographers had adopted pictorialism, emulating painting and etching, while others wanted to stress the aesthetic qualities of photographs stemming from photographic techniques.

No other media was able to achieve the results like those of photographers such as Erich Salomon, Dorothea Lange and Henri Cartier – Bresson. 

This was an impressive tour de force from a scientist with a deep appreciation of art and social change.

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