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Research Student Conference Fund

This grant provides support for PhD students to attend a conference or major event.

Who can apply

  • You must be a PhD student, a member of the IOP and also a member of one (or more) of our groups. Find out more about joining our free groups.
  • The event you wish to attend must relate to the group you are a member of.

How much you can apply for

  • You can apply for up to £300 during the progress of your PhD.
  • We will usually cover only part of the expense of attending a conference.
  • This funding is intended to supplement funding from other sources.

Our groups have limited funds for bursaries and you may not receive the full amount you ask for. If you are not awarded the full amount, you can apply for further support for a different conference, up to a total of £300.

We will consider funding for international events organised by the IOP. Meetings organised by our groups are not covered by this funding because these are already subsidised by the IOP.

How to apply

Download an application form (DOC, 42.7KB) and email it to [email protected].

The IOP manages the application process and the relevant IOP group awards the bursary and decides its value. Please tell us the name of the group that you would like to consider your application.

We ask you to send us a report after the event. Grants are only made once the report has been received.

Travel risks

Bursaries are paid as a reimbursement of expenses properly incurred. Any travel is undertaken at the sole risk of the bursary recipient. The IOP has no liability in the event that travel is not possible, or is curtailed, or if the event you are attending is cancelled, postponed or abandoned. If you do not undertake your booked travel, the IOP reserves the right not to pay the bursary.

Recipients of bursaries should ensure that they have adequate travel insurance to cover situations where they are unable to travel.

The foreign office has up-to-date advice for overseas travel

More information

Email: [email protected]