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IOP Ireland Outreach Grants

Funding of up to €1,000 may be requested for a range of activities.

IOP Ireland awards funding from €100-€1,000 to support outreach activities and initiatives in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The IOP Ireland Outreach Grant Scheme has recently been updated to support the Limit Less campaign and is informed by the learning we have accrued over the recent years with respect to equality, diversity and inclusion, the digital divide, and personal wellbeing.

All applicants should familiarise themselves with both the IOP’s Unlocking the Future strategy (PDF, 141KB) and Limit Less campaign webpages before applying.

The purpose of this grant scheme is to:

  • Raise public awareness of, and engagement with, contemporary physics
  • Inspire and enthuse public audiences, especially those not previously interested in physics
  • Reach young people in under-represented groups within physics (those who identify as girls/women, LGBT+, Black Caribbean, disabled, and from disadvantaged backgrounds) and their influencers beyond the classroom
  • Develop the science communication skills of physicists
  • Develop the science skills of communicators, artists, community organisers and cultural groups

In line with the purposes of this grant scheme a priority of funding has been set. This will be implemented if there are more applications than funds available in the relevant round:

  • Highest priority - Outreach work and promotion of Limit Less and EDI related goals
  • Second priority - Inclusion of the above in a conference or event
  • Third priority - General support for conferences and events

2024 funding rounds

  • Deadline 29 March – spending to commence 13 May onwards
  • Deadline 28 June – spending to commence 12 August onwards
  • Deadline 27 September – spending to commence 11 November onwards
  • Deadline 29 November – spending to commence 13 January 2025 onwards

Marking criteria

  1. Physics content – Is there clear evidence of quality physics content or physicist involvement in the creation and/or delivery of the activity?
  2. Alignment with IOP strategy – Does the activity align with IOP’s Unlocking the Future strategy (PDF, 141KB) or Limit Less campaign? Does it encourage young people to engage with physics? Does it reach underrepresented audiences? Is it designed with accessibility in mind?
  3. Use of funds – Is there strong evidence that the spending of IOP funds is planned and allocated appropriately? Does the use of funds progress inclusion in physics?
  4. Evaluation – Is there evidence that an evaluation plan is in place, is it practically achievable and how will this data be used?
  5. Legacy – Does the application outline potential for the project or products of the activity to be repeated, scaled up, transferred to another owner or otherwise furthered?

If your question is not answered in the applicant guide (PDF, 918KB) please contact the team via [email protected].

Example of a funded project

STEM #Unfiltered is a photography competition which brings together and showcases images of beautiful science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM) in our everyday lives, created by budding scientists of all ages across Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Find out more about QUB STEM #Unfiltered Photography Competition