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IOP Education: Policy and Projects

The IOP’s overriding educational aim is to ensure that all young people get an excellent experience of physics.

The IOP's Head of Education Charles Tracy introduces the report

If all students have a good learning experience, then those who have the interest and aptitude to continue with physics are more likely to do so, and everyone will have learned to think and act in ways that will be useful to them whatever they decide to do.

To achieve this aim, we work with teachers, teacher educators, CPD providers, university departments and policymakers. Our activities with these groups are varied, interlinked and based on evidence. They have been devised to improve recruitment, retention, professional development, diversity, the curriculum and assessment.

The quality, reach and impact of those activities rely on us building a strong community of people interested and involved in physics education – above all, teachers. We welcome your participation as a user, a provider or a developer.

You can link with us through the School Affiliation Scheme, our CPD networks, our online communities or the Education Forum.

For more information, please visit, get in touch at [email protected] or get stuck in at

IOP Education: Policy and Projects

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