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The Health of Physics in UK Food Manufacturing

In uncertain economic times, and especially as the UK develops a new relationship with the EU, the country would do well to focus on the areas in which it excels – those fields in which it is, or can become, a world leader. Food and drink manufacturing is one of those areas.

Introduction to the report by former President of the Institute Professor Roy Sambles

Food and drink is already the single biggest manufacturing sector in the UK. It supports more than three million jobs, and doubled its exports over 10 years. And it continues to become much more high-tech than most people realise, with physics playing a central role. This is a report on the health of physics in food manufacturing, looking at the role of physics in enabling global competitiveness and productivity within the sector.

It is part of an ongoing collaboration with partners, driven by industry and led by the community. It gives insights into the sector’s strengths and opportunities, and makes recommendations to support growth and job creation in the food manufacturing sector by promoting the role of physics as an important, but perhaps undervalued, enabler.

Chief among those recommendations is the formation of a national industrial strategy for food manufacturing, which would enable the industry to live up to its full potential – making a strong sector even stronger.

The Health of Physics in UK Food Manufacturing

Download report (PDF, 1.8MB)