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Exploring the workplace for LGBT+ physical scientists

A report by the Institute of Physics, Royal Astronomical Society and Royal Society of Chemistry.

Letter from the CEOs

The Institute of Physics, Royal Astronomical Society and the Royal Society of Chemistry have a long history of commitment to increasing diversity and inclusion in the physical sciences.

There’s a wealth of evidence that science benefits from a diversity of thought, experience and background. Yet our workplaces are not always the inclusive environments we need to foster a diverse workforce.

Tackling the barriers that LGBT+ physical scientists face can create broader benefits. Encouraging an inclusive culture is not only the right thing to do – it can help actively cultivate a positive climate for diversity and inclusion for all.

We celebrate the examples of supportive employers and their good practices but there is much still to do. Some things are small and can be done by individuals. Some things are big and need the support of employers and funders.

As professional and membership bodies, we have the responsibility to take the lead.

This report seeks to both inform our community and reaffirm our commitment to working on this important agenda, especially with our partners in higher education, industry and the wider scientific community.

Together we can make the change: to make science accessible to everyone.

Paul Hardaker, CEO, Institute of Physics
Philip Diamond, Executive Director, Royal Astronomical Society
Robert Parker, CEO, Royal Society of Chemistry

Exploring the workplace for LGBT+ physical scientists

Download the report (PDF, 3MB)