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REF 2021: Call for nominations for sub-panel members and impact assessors

17 April 2020

The four UK funding bodies are inviting nominations for further members and assessors for the REF 2021 sub-panels.

This invitation follows the panels’ analysis of their expertise requirements, in view of data provided by higher education institutions on their submission intentions.

As a nominating body for the REF, the IOP is asking individuals interested in the following roles to put themselves forward for consideration:

  • Sub-panel 7 (Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences): Sub-panel members (practising researcher) with expertise in atmospheric physics
  • Sub-panel 9 (Physics): Sub-panel members (practising researcher) with expertise in extragalactic astronomy and astrophysics
  • Sub-panel 9 (Physics): Impact assessors with expertise in spin out, SME and growth companies
  • Sub-panel 10 (Mathematical Sciences): Sub-panel members (practising researcher) with expertise in mathematical physics (string theory and applications in physics and mathematics)

If you would like to be considered for any of the roles specified above, please complete a nomination form and send it to [email protected] by 9 August 2020.

The IOP welcomes nominations that reflect and celebrate the breadth, geographic spread and diversity of our community. We particularly encourage nominations from female physicists and physicists from ethnic minorities who are often under-represented.

After all submissions have been received, the IOP will shortlist submissions to put forward to the funding bodies.

A small group has been convened as a selection panel. The panel will comprise Prof Martin Freer (Chair), Dr John Bagshaw, Dr Anke Lohmann, Dr Matthew Middleton and Dawn Watson.

Further information can be found on the REF 2021 website.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions.