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Diversity and inclusion

Working together for the benefit of black physicists

9 June 2022

Collaboration with The Blackett Lab Family aims to improve inclusion and diversity.

We are pleased to announce the Institute of Physics (IOP) is working with The Blackett Lab Family to ensure the voices of black physicists are heard and included in the development of key activities.

From our own research for our Limit Less campaign, we know that physicists of black heritage are under-represented in physics and this is something we are working to improve.

From our campaign, through our whole-school equity approach, our degree accreditation and our Juno Award, we have been working to improve inclusion and diversity for many years, and working with The Blackett Lab Family will strengthen this.

Rachel Youngman, IOP Deputy Chief Executive, said: “The Blackett Lab Family share our values and determination to improve the diversity of physics and the inclusive environment for black physicists.

“Over recent years we have learnt so much from their knowledge, experience and warmth. I am delighted that we are now collaborating through a Memorandum of Understanding and we look forward to continuing to work together.”

Jonathan Lansley-Gordon, Managing Director and co-founder of The Blackett Lab Family, said: “Physics is such a rich field of discovery, challenge, and beauty, and we know first-hand how rewarding studying or working in physics is.

“The Blackett Lab Family exists to disrupt the traditional narrative of who physics is for, the value of pursuing a career in physics, even what a physicist looks or sounds like – by representing diversity, connecting our national community and inspiring the future generation of UK-based black physicists.

“The IOP is committed to the same and we are thrilled to begin working together to realise our shared vision.”