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Diversity and inclusion

Survey of IOP members published

15 October 2020

The third snapshot survey of membership shows how it is changing over time. 

The IOP has published the full results of the latest snapshot survey of its membership.

The survey asked members to tell us about their gender, ethnicity, age and other personal characteristics, in order to help us better understand our membership, how it is changing over time and how similar it is to society as a whole. The survey also helps the IOP better shape the support it provides for members.

It is the third of a series of these surveys, following similar surveys in 2011 and 2015.

IOP CEO Paul Hardaker said: “This survey makes clear that our membership does not reflect wider society and that the physics community has real challenges that we must address together. The survey underlines the urgency of our efforts to address these in a sustainable way.

“Over the coming weeks we are launching a series of initiatives to bring real change in this area, and we are determined to harness the insights and experiences of our members as we do so.”

The survey was completed by 9% of the IOP’s 23,000 members.

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