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IOP responds to chancellor’s speech on UK economy

27 January 2023

The physics sector can lead the way towards prosperity but long-term focus on future-thinking industries and specialist teachers is crucial.

Responding to the chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s speech today on the economy and the central role for science and innovation as a driver for growth, the chief executive of the Institute of Physics group, Tom Grinyer, said: “It is right and timely for the chancellor to focus on innovation and high-tech industry as a ‘golden thread’ to drive jobs, opportunity and prosperity.

“The physics sector stands ready to lead the way.

“But the real test will be if government can coherently deliver a laser-like, long-term focus on supporting the green and high-growth industries of the future plus a solution to the desperate shortage of physics teachers we need to prepare our young people to build this new economy.

“It is also crucial that there is clarity on Horizon Europe funding and, if necessary, a robust and generous replacement.”