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Nasa’s space telescope images ‘inspire young physicists’

12 July 2022

Pictures show us a glimpse of the ancient cosmos.

Commenting on the release by Nasa of the first images from the JWST (space telescope), Institute of Physics President, Professor Sheila Rowan, said: “The images from the telescope are an astonishing tribute to the hard work, ingenuity and passion that have made this project such an inspiration to the world.

“Physics is about understanding how things work at the most essential, elemental level, and it can also create moments of genuine wonder. Hopefully today will help inspire a whole generation of young physicists to discover our science and to use it to understand and change the world.”

A detailed ‘deep field’ image, known as ‘SMACS 0723’, was the first full colour image released, and more are available from the space telescope website.

Nasa’s James Webb Space Telescope SMACS 0723 showing the distant universe

Image © Nasa/ESA/CSA/TScI

Led by Nasa, with its partners the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency, the space telescope is an advanced space science observatory that is hoped will reveal secrets of our solar system, show us worlds around other stars, and help to develop our understanding and knowledge of the origins and make-up of our universe.