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Business and innovation

IOP welcomes co-operation in quantum technology

8 November 2021

IOP responds to the publication of agreement between Washington and Westminster on scientific collaboration.

Commenting today on the publication of the UK government’s agreement with the US on co-operation in quantum information science and technology (QIST), Louis Barson, IOP director of science, innovation and skills, said: “The agreement on co-operation in QIST signed by the US and UK is a very welcome step for an exciting field with transformative global implications, which requires an international approach.

“It is crucial that important international collaboration like this is underpinned in the UK by investment in skills, and development of the workforce alongside development of the next generation of researchers and scientists.

“We need to keep up the momentum of investment in innovative science and in the development of businesses which can make the most of opportunities: in areas as diverse as global health and the green economy, as well as transformation in computing and data science.”