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IOP welcomes Horizon Europe transition plans

22 July 2022

Proposed measures provide some clarity for our sector.

The Institute of physics (IOP) welcomes publication by the government of transition measures in the event that the UK does not secure association to Horizon Europe, and information about a long-term domestic alternative. These have provided some clarity to the sector.

The government’s continued commitment to associating with Horizon Europe is also appreciated. Association to Horizon Europe, Copernicus, and Euratom Research and Training creates unrivalled benefit and opportunity. Association to all three must remain a priority.

Association to Horizon Europe is a vital enabler of our continued growth as a research and innovation world leader, promoting our openness to international collaboration and attracting the best global talent.

The IOP welcomes the transitional support measures provided, including the underwriting both of successful and in-train applications through the Horizon Europe Guarantee, and the commitment of resources to Third Country Participation in Horizon Europe until 2025. These measures will ensure ongoing support of world-leading research and development (R&D).

It is good to see a focus on global collaboration in the long-term alternative, but questions remain over how this will be internationally funded.

Investing in the wider R&D system is a welcome pillar of the long-term plan, as investment in UK infrastructure and digital research will be a catalyst for innovation.

We look forward to learning more detail about domestic alternatives for Copernicus and Euratom – key research programmes in physics-based sectors. We call for information on these to be published without delay.

The IOP looks forward to engaging in further development. Details will be important and (as we have previously stated in correspondence with the government) it is through the science community that we can help to support the next steps towards the government’s ambition for an engaged, skilled and talented science base.

Institute of Physics group CEO, Tom Grinyer, commented: “It is good to see the government’s continued commitment to association of Horizon Europe, Copernicus and Euratom.

“The announcement of its transitional plans to support UK R&D in the event that the UK does not secure an association, however, provides much-needed short-term reassurance.

“It is vital that the research community is consulted early on the longer-term plans for Horizon Europe alternatives and the IOP is willing and ready to support the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to do so.”