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IOP urges government to embrace physics to meet net-zero targets

20 October 2021

Immediate investment in research and development and action to increase diversity in the workforce crucial, says IOP.

Commenting on the government’s new net-zero strategy, Professor Paul Hardaker, Chief Executive Officer of the Institute of Physics (IOP), said: “The IOP welcomes the setting out of a clear plan to guide our progress towards net zero.

“Physics is at the very heart of the science, as we saw reflected in this year’s Nobel Prize, and importantly in solving the challenge of climate change.

“Technologies such as renewables, nuclear in all its forms, battery storage, the development of hydrogen-based fuel cells, and carbon capture and storage methodologies will all be crucial in this.

“So the government needs to ensure it does not delay the investment needed now to hit its target of 2.4% of GDP spent on research and development, and take urgent action to increase the number and diversity of people with the right background and skills entering the workforce if it is realistic about meeting its net-zero ambitions and delivering the wider benefits the UK will see from this.”