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Institute of Physics’ response to the government’s research and development roadmap

2 July 2020

In response to the publication of the government’s R&D roadmap, Professor Paul Hardaker, CEO of the Institute of Physics, issued the following statement.

“We very much welcome the publication of this ambitious research and development (R&D) roadmap and the vision it sets out. Our research base is such an important national capability, and is central to the future prosperity of the UK, to the creation of new jobs, and to tackling the biggest challenges we face in society, COVID included.

“An investment of £22bn a year by 2024 is a very important commitment from the government that will help our research and innovation community to build a truly international R&D programme that can compete with other leading research economies. The government’s pledge to bring forward £300m in investment in scientific infrastructure is also very welcome. If we are to remain world-leading we will need competitive funding and world-class facilities.

“Importantly, though, it is the people who work across the R&D community that are key to future success. So it is great to see the focus on collaboration, on talent, and on diversity and inclusion, and to support this by establishing an Office for Talent.

“IOP looks forward to working with government and the physics community on putting this roadmap into practice. As part of this we will be asking government to also consider establishing a Council for Deep Tech and to use its own procurement to drive innovation and build partnerships right across the science and engineering landscape.”