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IOP launches new physics careers resource for young people

6 August 2020

The guide gives advice on studying physics as well as real-world examples of the opportunities opened up by the subject.

The Institute of Physics (IOP) has launched a new online careers resource, Your Future with Physics, to support young people who are considering their subject choices and looking to their future career.

The careers guide gives advice on studying physics as well as real-world examples of the opportunities that the subject can bring, and showcases academic and vocational routes including apprenticeships and technical roles. Films, stories, interviews and Q&As will help inform and inspire young people and their families.

As part of the awareness campaign to promote the careers guide, IOP commissioned a new survey from research company Censuswide, surveying 500 hiring managers from across the UK’s professional sectors, including charities, sales, media and marketing.

The survey found the most important attributes to an employer are the ability to work under pressure (45%), attention to detail (35%), communication skills (43%), IT capabilities (29%) and analytical skills (28%) – all of which are closely associated with studying physics.

One recruiter said: “When I see physics on a CV it indicates strong general knowledge, a deep-thinker and the ability to make decisions objectively – all valuable assets in my workplace.”

Rachel Youngman, deputy chief executive at IOP, said: “We are entering a time of enormous challenges for our economy and the impact this will have on securing jobs. We know that choosing to study physics opens up young peoples’ options to a wealth of interesting and fulfilling careers paths.

“Physicists work in every sector, from solutions to climate change, creating the latest technologies in cancer diagnosis, artificial intelligence (AI) and video gaming, to the public sector and traditionally non-scientific sectors including charities, sales and banking.

“We hope our new digital resource, which is full of inspirational stories, facts and films, will inspire parents, carers and young people about the opportunities that the study of physics will bring.”

Your future with physics: A guide for young people

Where could physics take you in your studies and future career? 

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