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IOP launches new Limit Less campaign

21 October 2020

There are no limits to what can be achieved with physics. Our campaign will ensure that there are no limits on who can take part. 

Limit Less is the IOP’s campaign to support young people to change the world and fulfil their potential by doing physics.

We launch the Limit Less campaign alongside a new report that shows that many young people who want to pursue physics to improve their future are being denied the opportunity by those whose opinions they trust. Unfortunately, these opinions can be based on misconceived ideas about physics or even who is suitable to be a physicist.

Studying physics provides young people with a way to understand the world and learn how to tackle some of the biggest challenges we face, including climate, public health and poverty. It is also a gateway to a wide range of fulfilling and rewarding careers, both within physics itself and in other fields.

Our report shows that many young people are put off studying physics from age 16 by misconceptions about what physics is. These misconceptions are shaped by the opinions of others – by their parents and carers, communities, schools – and the information young people see around them in the media and on social media. They are told “physics is too difficult”, “it’s not creative” or “it’s boring”. But the report also shows that young people are denied the opportunity to study physics because of the prejudice and stereotypes that they experience because of who they are. They are told that physics is not for the likes of them based on their ethnicity, their sexual orientation, their disability or their social background.

Our campaign will fight the prejudice and stereotypes experienced by many groups of young people, which put them off choosing to study physics at school. By correcting misconceptions about physics and removing the barriers to participation after the age of 16, we will help more young people to seize the opportunities physics offers for their future – and their world. 

Read the report and find out more about the campaign