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The latest news, statements and responses from the Institute of Physics.

IOP responds to House of Commons Education Committee report on teacher recruitment

17 May 2024
“No magic bullet” but report step in the right direction towards addressing shortfall of physics teachers.

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UK Institute for Technical Skills and Strategy funds five new Physics Technical Apprentices

29 April 2024 
Five UK universities receive a share of £100,000 to employ a new Physics Technical Apprentice within their organisation.

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IOP welcomes UK backing for Professor Mark Thomson to lead CERN

5 April 2024 
The UK government is supporting particle physicist’s candidacy to be the next Director-General of the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

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IOP responds to cut in overseas physics teacher training support

4 April 2024
Abandoning International Relocation Payment “simply not good enough”.

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Africa-UK Physics Partnership Programme receives government funding

11 March 2024
Programme will build physics research and innovation capacity in seven sub-Saharan African countries to tackle global weather and sustainable energy challenges.

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IOP responds to budget

6 March 2024
IOP Chief Executive highlights continued need for investment in UK R&D, education and scientific future.

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The Duke of Edinburgh visits the Institute of Physics

9 February 2024 
Prince Edward met with IOP members and heard about the role physicists are playing in the green transition.

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IOP report: apprentices in physics-powered businesses can plug UK skills gap

7 February 2024 
Employers are working to overcome barriers to hiring more apprentices in bid to bridge local skills gaps.

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State schools losing out as physics teacher shortage bites, says research

11 January 2024
Survey reveals more than half of UK state schools understaffed for physics teachers – far fewer private schools have the same problem.

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