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Business and innovation

IOP Accelerator

Need central, modern, affordable workspace to get your physics-powered start-up off the ground? Apply to the IOP Accelerator and capitalise on the IOP’s knowledge and business network to accelerate your growth. 

Apply for workspace

An office in the IOP Accelerator, with a large central desk and chairs, refreshment facilities, storage and screen.

Are you a physics-powered start-up looking for central, modern, affordable workspace to get the next big ideas off the ground?

Ideal for micro physics businesses taking quantum-, green-, medical- and deep-tech innovations to market, apply now to the IOP Accelerator and capitalise on the IOP’s knowledge and business network to accelerate your growth. 

We offer two packages: 

  • Super-Accelerator: For £2K per month (plus VAT) you will get access to a four-desk, fully-serviced office, including superfast broadband, full postal facilities, free colour A4 printing/scanning/copying, discounted meeting room booking, lockable storage, invitations to networking events and business briefings, and unlimited tea/coffee/water.
  • Accelerator: For £80 per month (plus VAT) per seat, you will gain access to a single hot-desk for four days per month, along with being able to take advantage of the benefits outlined above.

IOP Accelerator is open from Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. 

Apply now for the IOP Accelerator and help us create a dynamic, inclusive ecosystem connecting innovators across all regions of the UK and Ireland. 

IOP Accelerator packages

Package nameSuper-AcceleratorAccelerator
Cost£2K/month (plus VAT) (4-desk, fully-serviced office)£80/month (plus VAT) (per seat)
Fixed deskFull monthNo
Hot deskNo4 days per month
Superfast broadbandYesYes
Free colour A4 printing/scanning/copyingYesYes
Free unlimited tea / coffee / waterYesYes
Unlimited access to the breakout areaYesYes
Full postal facilities at our King’s Cross address*YesYes
Lockable storageYesYes
Discounted booking of available meeting roomsYesYes
Invitations to IOP Sector Forums and networking events YesYes
Invitations to IOP Business BriefingsYesYes

*This does not include the right to register a company or apply for credit

Our Accelerator Companies

Hear from Richard Murray, Co-Founder and CEO at ORCA Computing, on the IOP Accelerator:

“ORCA Computing is a photonic quantum computing company which was incorporated in late 2019, and has now grown to over 60 people with offices in London, USA and Canada.  

We began our journey in the IOP Accelerator, as we grew from one to five employees. As such a new company, you have so much on your plate. While office space is the last thing on your mind, it is one of the most important things to get right. It is within this space that your first employees meet and get to know each other, the first ideas are hatched and the first contacts with investors are made.  

Being in central, presentable space (with good coffee) is critical. We owe much of what we have now to our time back then, as well as multiple fond memories.” 

Current and former residents

Our current and former residents work in a variety of sectors across industry, and have included:


AEGIQ is a spin-out company building on over two decades of quantum photonics research at the University of Sheffield. Its proprietary iSPS technology offers a deterministic source of indistinguishable single photons which enables new capabilities across quantum secure communications, photonic quantum computing and imaging.

Find out more about AEGIQ

Applied Quantum Computing

Applied Quantum Computing has been formed to assist companies to take advantage of the potential offered by quantum computing. They offer consulting and technical advisory services to organisations looking to learn about and apply quantum computing approaches to business problems. They concentrate on the use of quantum optimisation techniques to help provide better solutions, with a particular focus on the finance and healthcare sectors.

Find out more about Applied Quantum Computing

Lumi Space

Lumi Space is building the world's first global, commercial satellite laser ranging (SLR) service. Their ultra-high-precision space situational awareness (SSA) products enhance space domain awareness, satellite characterisation, orbit determination and prediction, and attitude monitoring.

Find out more about Lumi Space

Quantum Base Alpha

Quantum Base Alpha is a start-up that is conducting research and development on using quantum inspired algorithms to solve critical issues facing humanity. Their first project is tackling aircraft carbon emissions at London Gatwick Airport by optimising existing flight path algorithms using Quantum inspired techniques.

Find out more about Quantum Base Alpha

Quantum Exponential

Quantum Exponential is assembling a portfolio of potential investments in leading Quantum technology companies around the world, and has a team of experts with unparalleled market knowledge and access so as to establish, maintain and keep developing a global lead in Quantum portfolio management.

Find out more about Quantum Exponential


Quentangle is a cutting-edge start-up specialising in quantum security and quantum software. The team consists of computer scientists, physicists and software engineers with more than 25 years of collective experience in quantum computing and quantum communication/cryptography. Their aim is to accelerate commercial adoption of quantum technologies through the use of advanced modelling/analysis software and solutions.

Find out more about Quentangle

Former IOP Accelerator companies

ORCA Computing

ORCA Computing is a UK company developing a completely new approach towards quantum computing. Its quantum memory allows storage and synchronisation of single and entangled photons, enabling the prospects for future high-performance, highly connected and scalable quantum computing. 

Find out more about ORCA Computing

Aquark Technologies

Aquark Technologies is a cutting-edge start-up in quantum technologies that promises to radically enhance our ability to sense, measure and compute through a break-through, low-cost, low-power module of ultra-cold atoms based on a unique method for cooling and trapping atoms without the need of a magnetic field.

Find out more about Aquark Technologies

Cerca Magnetics

Cerca are a start-up company who design, build and supply medical imaging equipment. They use quantum technology and state-of-the-art field control to image human brain function. Cerca were launched in late 2020, are backed by the University of Nottingham and Magnetic Shields Limited and employ six staff in the UK.

Find out more about Cerca Magnetics

Apply for workspace

To apply, you must: 

  • be working on bringing physics-based innovation to market in any sector  
  • be a small or micro business incorporated in the UK or Ireland; OR 
  • an entrepreneur with the right to live and work in the UK or Ireland  

You may be a recent university graduate looking to transition from an incubator to your first office. You may be a high-growth potential enterprise in the UK or Ireland looking for a London foothold. You may be an entrepreneur with an early-stage idea or looking to spin out an established service or product.  

To discuss whether IOP Accelerator would suit your needs please email [email protected].

Apply now

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An office in the IOP Accelerator, with a large central desk and chairs, storage and screen.
Corridor area of the IOP Accelerator, with arm chairs and coffee tables.

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