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LGBT+ Physical Sciences Network

We are a founding member of the LGBT+ Physical Sciences Network; a space where scientists can come together and share information and support on increasing LGBT+ diversity and inclusion within the physical sciences workforce.

Formed in 2016, the LGBT+ Physical Scientists Network brings together members from the IOP, the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) and the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), with a mission to better drive LGBT+ diversity and inclusion within membership organisations.

The overarching purpose of the network is:

  • to give members a platform to share how organisations could better support the LGBT+ workforce
  • share successful examples of current good practice by LGBT+ networks in their places of work and study

Overseeing the network is a steering group comprising members from the IOP, RAS, RSC and Stonewall, as well as those that promoted and contributed to the network's inaugural meeting in 2016. 

Key report: Exploring the workplace for LGBT+ physical scientists

Launched by the network in 2019, the ‘Exploring the workplace for LGBT+ physical scientists’ report has been pivotal in allowing us to understand the current workplace and study environment for LGBT+ scientists in the UK and Ireland. The first survey of its kind in the UK and Ireland highlights the key issues facing LGBT+ scientists, and the steps needed to promote greater workplace diversity. 

Exploring the workplace for LGBT+ physical scientists

Download the report (PDF, 3MB)

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