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International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) Commissions contacts

The IUPAP commissions promote the objectives of the Union within their areas of expertise and provide advice to IUPAP on the activities and needs of the subfields of physics they represent.

There are 18 IUPAP commissions and the UK and Ireland have physicists represented on 15 of them.

This page contains the contact information for the current UK and Irish IUPAP commission representatives. If you would like to contact the relevant commission representatives, please use the information in the table below.

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Representative contact information

Commission name Representative Email
C2: Symbols, Units, Nomenclature, Atomic Masses and Fundamental Constants Dr Richard Brown, Ordinary member [email protected]
C4: Astro-particle Physics Professor Subir Sarkar, Ordinary member [email protected]
C5: Low Temperature Physics Professor Richard Haley, Secretary [email protected]
C6: Biological Physics Professor Pietro Cicuta, Ordinary member [email protected]
C8: Semiconductors Professor David Richie, Ordinary member [email protected]
C9: Magnetism Dr Liam O’Brien, Ordinary member [email protected]
C10: Structure and Dynamics of Condensed Matter Dr Alexandra Gibbs, Ordinary member [email protected]
C11: Particles and Fields Professor Franz Muheim, Ordinary member [email protected]
C13: Physics for Development Dr Pilar Fernandez, Ordinary member [email protected]
C15: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Professor Jimena Gorinkiel, Vice-chair [email protected]
C16: Plasma Physics Professor Philippa Browning, Ordinary member [email protected]
C18: Mathematical Physics Professor Nilanjana Datta, Secretary [email protected]
C19: Astrophysics Dr Antonio Martin-Carrillo, Ordinary member [email protected]
C20: Computational Physics Professor Andrew Horsfield, Vice-chair [email protected]