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Entrepreneurship Curriculum

  • Week 1A
    Physicists and engineers as entrepreneurs
  • Week 1B
    Learning some "soft skills"
  • Week 2
    The world of business
  • Week 3
    Intellectual property (IP)
  • Week 4
    IP generation and recording
  • Week 5
    The basics of patenting
  • Week 6
    IP management and global IP protection
  • Week 7
    From invention to product: the timeline and processes
  • Week 8
    Business plan fundamentals
  • Week 9
    Financial aspects of running a small business
  • Week 10
  • Week 11
    Pre-business feasibility analysis and opportunity assessment
  • Week 13
    Government policies and incentives for SMEs and entrepreneurs
  • Week 14
    Exit strategies

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Developed by Surya Raghu.