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Information about the Institute's entrepreneurship workshops in Trieste

Workshop on Entrepreneurial Skills: 2012, Trieste

Following the success of past programmes in Trieste, a further workshop was jointly held by the IOP and ICTP in April 2012.

The five-day workshop hosted more than 40 physicists and engineers from 20 developing countries and covered a wide range of topics from global IP protection to taking science to the market.

A participant from the Trieste workshop telling us about his experiences

2010 Workshop
The workshop on entrepreneurship for scientists and engineers in Trieste was attended by 54 participants from 30 developing nations. The event was held on 3–7 May and organised in collaboration with the ICTP and American Physical Society.

More than 100 people from around the world watched the live telecast and 47 users a month are making use of the Entrepreneurship Curriculum available on the IOP website.

Around three quarters of attendees so far have been able to translate their work into early-stage commercialisation.

Story in Interactions (PDF, 1 MB)

Further information

Second Workshop on Entrepreneurial Skills
2008, Trieste

This workshop was attended by 60 participants from developing countries worldwide.

Video recording of the workshop

Workshop on Entrepreneurial Skills
2006, Trieste

The IOP organised a workshop in collaboration with the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste in November 2006 for 40 physicists from 29 developing countries, focusing on the entrepreneurial skills required to commercialize innovations and bring them to market. Participants at the workshop have remained in touch through an electronic forum, which allows us to provide continuing training and networking opportunities.

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