Where can we go from here?

12 August 2013

Joe Brock, IOP Coordinator for Tanzania, discusses the road to success.

What have we done so far?

This year, having trained and given kit to all schools in the Morogoro municipality over the last four years (34 schools in all) we decided to take a different tack. One of the problems facing us with established teachers is that it is often difficult for them to change the way they teach after many years of practice. With this in mind we decided this year to concentrate our efforts on trainee teachers. We already had a well-established IoP centre at Morogoro Teachers college with some excellent key staff, one being Mr Kiswili, the lab technician there. Last year there were around 40 trainees studying Physics as one of their two chosen subjects but having volunteered to train all the trainees in one year this number became 107. 

Development of the model

The practical training went well this year with a more malleable receptive audience than we have been used to. However, it is clear that while the message is understood the trainees struggle with pace and repetition. As in the past we feel that an extension of the teaching method training to include more feedback as short trainee lessons with feedback is needed to consolidate the message and really bring on questioning technique. The worst case scenario that we encountered was a trainee that not only asked continually, 'Isn't it?', but also answered it himself with a 'Yes', no need for any student participation whatsoever.

The Future

We could continue on as we are, making Morogoro a centre of excellence and training trainee teachers to take the word gradually all over Tanzania. However, we could accelerate the project to take the regions by storm with the champion idea. This would need significant coordination and working with the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training would be crucial.

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