Projects in Tanzania - 2010

International education and teachers training projects in Tanzania.



In Tanzania the teaching of science is mainly done in a didactic way with the teacher staying firmly at the black board and pupils chanting answers to closed questions. 

While this may lead to exam success it does little to help students see the relevance of their studies to the world around them. In fact the danger is that it leads to science being studied much like an ancient language, for the information alone and not as a vehicle to apply all that has been learnt to improve their everyday lives. Physics with no use. However, this is not a criticism of teachers here. With no practical equipment this may be the only approach possible. We intend to provide a practical alternative.

In Tanzania, the idea was to provide a significant resource for 3 schools (to allow more student participation) and one teacher training college. The IOP coordinator and his team delivered the idea of teaching practical science to three secondary schools of very different backgrounds and to one teacher training college. They trained 27 teachers and 5 teacher trainers and gave equipment out to the four establishments. They also identified another two schools for delivery for next year (2010). 

They have managed to inspire one school enough for them to spontaneously disseminate the idea to other local schools. The equipments were provided in terms of its use in an environment with no electricity and made links with Mzumbe University and the Diocese of Morogoro. We hope that the idea of practical as a way to reach science will grow and the team will visit the three schools again next year (2010) to assess progress.

The training manual, ‘Teaching Physics in Remote Places’, was developed by Joe Brock.

last edited: December 01, 2016

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