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Executive team

The Executive team leads the organisation and the staff team in the delivery of the strategy and programmes, and reports on performance to the Council. They advise and support the Council in the development of the organisation’s strategy and their governance responsibilities. 

Tom Grinyer, IOP Group Chief Executive Officer

Tom, who joined the IOP in June 2022, has 25 years’ experience working for membership organisations.

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Rachel Youngman, IOP Deputy Chief Executive

As well as being the IOP’s Deputy Chief Executive, Rachel is also the executive lead for our international programme, the IOP’s new UK and Ireland influencing campaign which seeks to increase the diversity of young people continuing post-16 physics education and the progression and recognition frameworks we provide as a professional body.

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Tony McBride

Tony McBride, IOP Director of Policy and Public Affairs

Tony joined us in January 2020 and leads the IOP’s policy work, our work in Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and is executive lead for the Productivity Programme.

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Louis Barson, IOP Director of Science, Innovation and Skills

Louis leads the Science and Innovation, Education and Programme functions for the IOP, bringing an international background, with experience of emerging technologies and business innovation strategy. He is also executive lead for the Ecosystem Programme.

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Sukhraj Dhadwar, Chief Financial Officer, IOP Group

Sukhraj, who joined the IOP in August 2021, has responsibility for governance & compliance and finance.

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IOP Publishing

Antonia Seymour, Chief Executive, IOP Publishing

Antonia, who joined IOPP in 2018, has more than 22 years of scientific, technical and medical publishing experience.

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