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Calling all IOP members: help influence the future of the IOP by voting in the 2024 Council elections

All members are encouraged to vote in the IOP Council elections for four vacancies that will arise on Council from 1 October 2024.

Voting has now closed.

We are calling on all IOP members to vote in the IOP Council elections for the following four vacancies that will arise on our Council of Trustees from 1 October 2024:

  • Vice-President for Business;
  • Vice-President for Learning and Skills; and
  • two General Trustees.

Voting has now closed.

What do our Trustees do?

The IOP is governed by a Council of Trustees which consists of 18 members elected from, and by, the membership, and up to three co-opted members who are appointed by Council itself.

The IOP is committed to a Council which has diversity of membership and approach, and to creating an environment that brings challenge in a supportive and inclusive way.

Working collectively, trustees have certain key responsibilities, including:

  • to set a clear direction for the IOP and to support the Executive team in the delivery of the IOP’s strategic plan;
  • to engage with members and understand their views;
  • to make sure the IOP’s plans are being carried out appropriately in line with its Charter; and
  • to ensure the IOP meets its legal, statutory and regulatory responsibilities.

Trustees then have specific responsibilities depending on their role.

Why vote?

With challenges of global importance affecting all of us every day, physics is central to creating the sustainable solutions the world needs. Help the IOP to shape the future of physics and meet these challenges by voting for your chosen candidates.

Voting for your chosen candidates gives you the opportunity to have your say and helps to ensure that your needs and priorities are represented in the future of the IOP.

We asked IOP Fellow and Chair of the Women in Physics Group, Dawn Watson, and IOP Honorary Fellow, Dr Mark Richards, why they think members should vote in the elections. Watch their videos and hear what they have to say.


Dawn Watson

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Dr Mark Richards

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How to find out more and to vote

Every IOP member can cast a total of four votes, one vote for each vacancy on Council.

For details of the candidates, their accompanying statements, the role descriptions and instructions on how to vote, please go to the voting site and enter your unique vote code (UVC) which will have been sent to you by Mi-Voice, our electoral services partner.

Voting has now closed.