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Help influence the future of the IOP by voting in the 2022 Council elections

All members are encouraged to vote in the IOP Council elections for the two Ordinary Member vacancies that will arise on Council from 1 October 2022.

Voting is now live and will stay open until 17:00 BST on Monday 18 July 2022.

What does an Ordinary Member of Council do?

Ordinary Members of Council are trustees of the Institute of Physics (IOP) and sit as members of Council, the IOP’s governing body. In collaboration with other trustees who form the Council, they are responsible for agreeing the organisation’s strategic direction and monitoring progress. Trustees then support the Executive team in the delivery of the IOP’s strategic plan.

Why vote?

With challenges of global importance affecting all of us every day, physics is central to creating the sustainable solutions the world needs. Help the IOP to shape the future of physics and meet these challenges by voting for your chosen trustees.

Democracy is alive and well at the IOP. Throughout the nomination process we encouraged, and received, nominations from a diverse group of candidates to ensure greater representation of our membership. Voting for Council vacancies gives you a voice and helps to ensure that your needs and priorities are represented in the future of the IOP.

We asked IOP members Emily Mottram, Associate Member and Campus Ambassador, Stuart Palmer, Fellow, and Gail Millar, Fellow and IOP Scotland Retired Members Network Representative, why members should vote in the election. Watch the videos to hear what they have to say.


Emily Mottram

Stuart Palmer

Gail Millar

How to vote

Every IOP member can cast a total of two votes, one vote for each vacancy on Council. For a full list of all the candidates and their accompanying statements, the full role description for an Ordinary Member of Council, and instructions on how to vote, please see the email or letter sent by Mi-Voice, our electoral services partner.

Alternatively, please go to the voting site and enter the member-specific unique voter code (UVC) sent by Mi-Voice.

Please remember that all votes must be received by 17:00 BST on Monday 18 July 2022.