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Call for self-nominations to stand for election to the Council of Trustees

Would you like to help shape the future of the IOP – the body that shapes physics?

Elections are coming for places on our governing body, Council. We are keen to hear from people from every part of the physics community, as currently we know some people don’t feel they have enough of a voice in the IOP.

This is a great chance to have your say on Council and help influence the future of physics.

Self-nominations are now open to all IOP members for six vacancies on our Council.

Watch this personal request from Sheila Rowan, current President-elect of the IOP and soon to become President from October 2021, explaining her vision for an inclusive and diverse Council and why you should self-nominate.

We are committed to a Council which has diversity of membership and approach, and to creating an environment that brings challenge to the governance programme in a supportive and inclusive way.

We particularly encourage nominations from members from those parts of our membership who are currently under-represented in our governance structures including, but not limited to, early career physicists, people of colour, disabled members and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Becoming a member of Council is immensely rewarding. It is a fabulous opportunity to contribute to the development of physics and, more widely, STEM, particularly in the UK and Ireland, and the role that the IOP plays in that.

For early career physicists, it is a great opportunity to develop board-level experience, enhance your future career and build your network – whilst having a say in the future of physics. We are looking to make Council meetings more accessible, so they can more easily fit around other responsibilities you might have.

For more experienced members, becoming a member of Council provides an excellent opportunity to use the skills and experience gained throughout your career to make a valuable contribution to the governance and strategy of the IOP.


Please see below a list of current Council vacancies and a brief description of each role. All members of Council are trustees of the IOP. Each will begin their term in October 2021.

For a full description of each role, time commitment, term of office and qualities, skills and experience required, please see Mi-Voice, or follow the link on the email from Mi-Voice or consult the letter, one or the other of which was sent to all members on 1 March 2021.

1. The President-elect

The President-elect, along with the President, often acts as the public face of the IOP, representing the IOP at the highest level with government, parliament, industry, universities, and other public and voluntary bodies. Will become President after completing a two-year term as President-elect.

2. Honorary Secretary

Provides guidance, advice, direction and support to the Chief Executive Officer and IOP’s Executive Team. Together with the Honorary Treasurer, is responsible on behalf of Council for the Chief Executive’s appraisal and plays an active role to ensure that there is a direct link between Council and the IOP’s 51 member-led groups.

3. Vice-President for Membership

Advises the Council on the setting of annual membership fees and ensures that the IOP upholds its royal charter and members’ code of conduct. Monitors membership engagement and oversees that the IOP is responding to the highest standard of inclusion.

4. Ordinary Member (three positions available)

Sits as a member of Council and in collaboration with other trustees who form the Council, they are responsible for agreeing the organisation’s strategic direction and monitoring progress.

How to self-nominate

To nominate yourself, please follow the instructions sent to all members from Mi-Voice on our behalf by email or post on 1 March 2021. This will enable you to complete and submit a self-nomination form and confirm your eligibility. More information is also at Mi-Voice.

All nominations are treated in confidence.

Nominations open on 1 March 2021 and must be received no later than 5pm on 1 April 2021.