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The Institute of Physics is a charity registered in England and Wales, and in Scotland. Find out about the members of our Council and download meeting minutes and summaries.

Find out more about the members of our Council of Trustees.

Council Membership (Trustees) 2023/24

PresidentProfessor Sir Keith Burnett CBE20232025
President-electProfessor Michele Dougherty CBE20232025
Honorary SecretaryProfessor Alison McMillan20212025
Honorary TreasurerProfessor David Delpy CBE20232027
Vice-President for BusinessDr John Bagshaw20202024
Vice-President for Science and InnovationProfessor Tara Shears20232027
Vice-President for Education and SkillsDr Lisa Jardine-Wright OBE20202024
Vice-President for MembershipDr Elizabeth Cunningham20212025
MemberRosalie Benjamin20212025
MemberProfessor Philip Burrows20212025
MemberDr Jane Clark20232027
MemberProfessor John Dainton20212025
MemberProfessor Claudia Eberlein20202024
MemberDr Hana Krizek20232027
MemberProfessor Sir Roy Sambles20232027
MemberDr Peter Thompson20222026
MemberDr Melissa Uchida20222026
MemberJane Weir20212025
Member (co-opted)Dr Yvonne Kavanagh20222024
In attendance   
Group Chief Executive OfficerTom Grinyern/an/a
Interim Director of People and Organisational DevelopmentAndrea Barbern/an/a
Group Chief Financial OfficerSukhraj Dhadwarn/an/a
Director of Policy and Public AffairsTony McBriden/an/a
Director of Science, Innovation and SkillsLouis Barsonn/an/a
Chief Executive, IOP Publishing LimitedAntonia Seymourn/an/a

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