A number of IOP projects have been identified which could have their impact hugely magnified if further funding were available.  

These projects can:

  • inspire young minds, by raising awareness of the excitement of physics and its relevance to the things that interest them most
  • pair this excitement with a strong sense of the possibilities afforded by further study of physics at A-Level and then university, and to provide practical support to those motivated to do so
  • help qualified physicists to flourish, whether they go into research, industry, teaching or find other creative ways to apply the unique knowledge and way of thinking that they all increase public awareness of the relevance and possibilities of physics
  • continue to show how physics is central to the economy of the UK

Our goal is to raise £10 million to fund programmes in the areas of discovery, society, economy and education.  Full details of the projects that can be supported will be included on the website shortly but in the meantime these are outlined below. 

  • Leaders in Physics Research Fellowships
  • Undergraduate Physics Research Placements
  • IOP international speakers and discussions

  • Displaying the centrality of physics in our new building
  • Lab in a Lorry
  • Our cross-cultural initiatives like Superposition

  • Undergraduate Industry Placements
  • Early career mentoring to board level
  • IOP Innovation Awards
  • IOP workshops in entrepreneurial skills

  • Stimulating Physics Network for teachers
  • Physics in Perspective
    • Enrichment course for sixth formers
    • Careers using physics advice booster
  • Raising Aspirations
    • Selected schools
    • Premiership Physics through football
    • Girls in Physics
  • IOP for Africa

If you have identified areas of interest or want more information about the impact  your donation could make contact or visit the ways to give page.