Opportunity Physics

Through Opportunity Physics, the IOP seeks your support to help us do more of what we know we do well, while remaining innovative and open to new ideas in the UK, Ireland and abroad.

Life-changing discoveries and events from the discovery of graphene to the Higgs boson at CERN have brought physics centre stage. It is widely believed that the momentum for enabling discoveries is leading us towards a new “golden age” of physics. We cannot afford to miss the opportunity to create the best environment for physics to flourish.

Physics continues to underpin many advances and successes in fields as wide-ranging as healthcare and the digital economy. Opportunity Physics is about engaging with our supporters to keep physics at the top of the agenda for the benefit of our society and economy. By supporting the Institute of Physics in scaling up its activities your support will help turn this moment to the advantage of the next generation and beyond.

Your support will enable us to further our work to:

Inspire tomorrow’s physicists
  • Encourage young people who are underrepresented in our physics classrooms to study physics
  • Provide physics teachers the support they need to excel in the classroom
  • Increase the number of students taking physics
  • Enable small- and medium-sized businesses to have greater access to physics-based research and technology
  • Expand assistance to entrepreneurial physicists and physics start-ups
  • Recognise excellence in innovation in the UK and Ireland
  • Help change the perception of physics across the UK and Ireland, with events that show the cultural and social importance of physics
  • Support aspiring entrepreneurs from across the globe to impact society with innovation
  • Establish a UK- and Ireland-wide IOP exhibitions programme dedicated to showcasing physics in a way that is accessible to all
  • Provide greater support to early career researchers to help accelerate their careers and grow their collaborative networks
  • Facilitate cross-disciplinary collaborations through our Groups and conference programmes
  • Increase the number of organisations committed to gender equality, so every physicist has the chance to succeed
  • Secure a new building for the IOP to ensure our long-term future and provide you with better facilities and services
  • Launch a new professional accreditation process that is inclusive to all our community
  • Encourage new members to join our ranks and strengthen our professional networks

Read our Invest in Physics brochure to find out more about how you can support the IOP.

How you can make a difference:

Make a contribution to our efforts and help advance the impact of physics in our homes, our schools and our communities.

Leave a legacy
A bequest to the IOP can enhance the work of the Institute and leave a legacy for the future. Learn more about legacy opportunities.

Contact us 
If you have identified an area of interest and would like more information about the impact of your donation, please email fundraising@iop.org.

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