Environmental Policy Statement

The Institute of Physics is a leading scientific society promoting physics. We are a charitable organisation with a worldwide membership of more than 55,000, working together to advance physics education, research and application. We engage with policy makers and the general public to develop awareness and understanding of the value of physics. This policy incorporates the Institute’s subsidiary companies, IOP Enterprises and IOP Publishing.

The IOP recognises its environmental responsibilities and is committed to contributing to the reduction of local, national and global environmental damage. The IOP is therefore committed to maintaining an effective environmental management system based on the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001:2004 to reduce the environmental impact of its activities and promote environmental good practice.

In light of the above, all areas of the IOP’s operations are assessed to determine how they impact on the environment and necessary operational control measures are implemented to mitigate adverse impacts. Specifically IOP is committed to:

  • Using the IOP’s position to communicate and promote the critical role physics has in establishing a sustainable society
  • Complying with all applicable environmental legislation, and relevant codes of practice
  • Reducing usage of, and emissions from, utilities and transport associated with the IOP’s operations
  • Establishing green procurement practices by assessing and working with IOP suppliers
  • Implementing procedures to ensure that waste arising from IOP activities are reduced, reused and recycled where feasible to do so
  • Ensuring that all staff are given the opportunity to take an active role in implementing and developing environmental policy
  • Committing the resources required to maintain all environmental policies, procedures and systems to continually improve environmental performance

This policy will be subject to change as the organisation develops and may be influenced by technological changes. It is designed to be a focus for embedding environmental commitments into the IOP’s operations through heightened environmental awareness, encouraging staff to assess the environmental impact arising from the activities and seeking ways to mitigate adverse impacts and improve environmental performance.

The Chief Executive has appointed a member of the management team who reports directly to the Chief Executive and who will monitor and report upon implementation of this policy and other environmental matters. This policy will be communicated to all those working for, or on behalf of the IOP and will be made available to the public via the IOP’s website.



last edited: November 02, 2015

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