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2023 IOP Technician Award winners

With the aim of raising the professional status of technicians, the IOP Technician Award highlights the diverse role of technicians in education, research and industry.

Higher Education and Further Education

Dr Jason Anderson for outstanding contributions to modernising taught laboratories in line with contemporary research practices, and enabling delivery of remote and hybrid practical sessions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Find out more about Dr Jason Anderson

Higher Education and Further Education

William Luckhurst for outstanding technical support and leadership in the development of research infrastructure in King's College London, enabling generations of researchers to reach their potential across a range of disciplines.

Find out more about William Luckhurst

Secondary schools

Razika Berboucha for connecting students with real-world science and immersing them in the art of being true scientists.

Find out more about Razika Berboucha

Secondary schools

Andrés Tretiakov for a passion and commitment to science education that has inspired young people, teachers and parents through school, outreach programmes, science festivals and social media. 

Find out more about Andrés Tretiakov


Dr Steve Collins and Richard J Webb for their outstanding technical expertise and support to students and staff as part of the undergraduate physics laboratory at the University of Sheffield. 

Find out more about Dr Steve Collins and Richard J Webb