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2022 IOP Technician Award winners

With the aim of raising the professional status of technicians, the IOP Technician Award highlights the diverse role of technicians in education, research and industry.

Further Education and Higher Education: Keith Clark

For outstanding provision of technical support for experimental particle physics at the University of Bristol and beyond.

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National Research Facilities: Mark Anderson

For building and developing systems that contribute to advancement of our scientific understanding and knowledge of the universe during over two and half decades at the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

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National Research Facilities: Dave McCue

For excellent support of over 250 scientific experiments at the UK’s synchrotron facility Diamond Light Source, contributions to cutting-edge developments and dedication to training the next generation of synchrotron technicians.

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Secondary Schools: Dr Kenneth Hargreaves

For providing total support, not only setting up and performing complicated experiments, but also sending balloons into space, taking students to Houston and setting up a school weather station.

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Secondary Schools: Dr Delphine Hawthorne

For outstanding commitment to a physics department after the sudden loss of a senior technician.

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