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IOP Technician Award winners 2019

With the aim of raising the professional status of technicians, the IOP Technician Award highlights the diverse role of technicians in education, research and industry.


In this first year of running the award, we recognise and celebrate the skills and experience of five exceptional technicians.

Ian East and Donna Wyatt – Microtarget Fabrication Team  – Science and Technology Facilities Council

For their contributions fabricating targets at the Central Laser Facility, enabling and supporting members of the laser-plasma community.

Read more about Ian East and Donna Wyatt.

Ian Helliwell - University of York

For his dedication and contributions to practical physics training of undergraduate and secondary school students. Ian’s work enables the successful delivery of hands-on physics to 500 students annually.

Read more about Ian Helliwell.

Grainne McAdam - Caister Academy

For her contributions to developing the technical service provisions at Caister Academy, by securing funding for pupil activities and setting up a local science technician network, now with nearly 60 members.

Read more about Grainne McAdam.

Emma Meehan - Science and Technology Facilities Council

For her contributions as senior science support technician at Boulby Underground Laboratory, where she plays an essential role in supporting the multidisciplinary science programme, which includes the study of particle physics, geology, biology and more.

Read more about Emma Meehan.