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2021 IOP Technician Award winners

With the aim of raising the professional status of technicians, the IOP Technician Award highlights the diverse role of technicians in education, research and industry.

National Research Facilities: Phillip Clarke

The University of Manchester, Jodrell Bank Observatory

For his outstanding contribution to provision of world-class radio astronomy instrumentation at Jodrell Bank Observatory and the e-MERLIN National Facility for use by UK and international astronomers.

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Secondary Schools: David Ferguson

Uppingham School

For providing outstanding long-term support and assistance to teachers and peers in his role as a physics technician for over 20 years.

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Business: Andrew Goodwin

Sellafield Ltd

For contributing over four decades to non-destructive analysis at Sellafield and developing gamma spectrometry for use on routine and emergency samples, ensuring safety of employees and the general public.

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Further Education and Higher Education: Joseph McCauley

School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin

For his outstanding technical leadership associated with the planning, construction and operation of the Irish Low Frequency Array radio telescope at Birr Castle.

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Team: Sample Environment Cryogenics Team

ISIS Neutron and Muon Source

For providing exceptional ultra-low temperature and high magnetic field technical support, contributing to more than 500 neutron- and muon-scattering experiments annually at the Source.

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