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2023 Teachers of Physics Award: Wayne Tabernor

Alder Community High School

For supportive and inclusive teaching, work with underrepresented groups, curriculum development, and outstanding work with the wider educational community.


Wayne Tabernor is consistent in delivering engaging and well-structured physics lessons, building on his extensive subject knowledge. He creates a supportive and inclusive environment in his lessons where students feel safe and encouraged to learn.

Through his work with the Ogden Trust, Tabernor has been instrumental, as subject specialist, in engaging all 88 schools in the borough to promote physics and building confidence and competence in non-specialist teachers. He has delivered support sessions for primary, secondary and further education college teachers to drive improvement in the standard of physics teaching in the area.

Tabernor is passionate about ensuring that disadvantaged pupils receive the same support and opportunities as their peers and has been successful in applying for grants to support this work.