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2023 Teachers of Physics Awards: Dr Panos Athanasopoulos

Prestatyn High School

For teaching excellence and an inclusive approach, outstanding support of colleagues, work with trainee teachers and contributions to the broader community at conferences and in online forums.

Dr Panos Athanasopoulos is known for his extensive subject knowledge and understanding of misconceptions in physics. His talks on this subject have received great feedback from attendees at the IOP Wales Physics Teachers Conference in recent years.

Athanasopoulos’ evident enthusiasm for physics has steadily increased the number of students choosing to study physics at university. His restructuring of the department’s schemes of work has contributed to physics results being among the best in his school at GCSE and A-Level.

Outside of the classroom, he has provided valuable support and training to students wanting to challenge themselves by taking part in the Physics Olympiad. Athanasopoulos has promoted inclusive practice through departmental meetings, mentored trainee teachers and made innovative use of technology to minimize unconscious bias during lessons.