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2023 Teachers of Physics Awards: Khushali Mills

Our Lady's Grammar School, Newry

For highly enthusiastic and skilled teaching raising the profile of physics in the school, committed and thorough development of colleagues, and outstanding work with pupils through extracurricular activities.

Khushali Mills is an exemplary teacher who strives to offer a fully immersive and enriched curriculum across all year groups. Her results are excellent and some of her students have received the highest marks in A-Level Physics worldwide.

Mills’ excitement for physics and her relatability ripple through the school and her students feel comfortable to ask questions and investigate their own ideas. She has welcomed PGCE students into the department and, alongside mentoring, has provided training in job applications as well as providing practice interviews, helping many into permanent positions.

Mills is passionate about collaboration, working across departments within the school to strengthen cross-curricular links. Her natural networking ability has fostered strong links with local schools, industry partners and secured funding for school laboratories.