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2023 Teachers of Physics Award: Jed Marshall

Alexandra Park School

For outstanding creativity and innovation in the classroom, extraordinary range of staff development locally and nationally, and work with pupils at an international level.

Jed Marshall is a highly creative and inclusive teacher who thinks deeply about his teaching, keeping abreast of the latest research-led and evidence-informed practice. His insight, intelligence, understanding and passion for pedagogy makes him exceptional.

Marshall is involved in a wide variety of staff development activities, showing care and support for all, from interns through to experienced teachers, putting in significant time, and bringing his wisdom and knowledge to bear. Marshall has been instrumental in leading student exchange projects across Europe and secured a major grant from the Turing Scheme, enabling 100 disadvantaged students to travel and study abroad.

He shares classroom ideas and pedagogical thoughts through a blog and social media channels, and works with leading physics education organisations as a facilitator, speaker and content developer.