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2023 Teachers of Physics Award: Christopher Rossi

St Joseph's College

For exceptional knowledge and classroom practice, development of pupils, and support of colleagues, trainee teachers, technicians and staff in the local community of schools and nationally through examination work.

Christopher Rossi’s students value his extensive subject knowledge together with his enthusiasm and passion for physics. His students feel supported and confident, enabling them to challenge themselves and take risks while enjoying their physics learning.

Rossi is sought after by local clusters of schools for his reassuring and supportive approach, together with his extensive bank of resources. He also provides invaluable knowledge of the exam system through his marking work for the exam board and his writing of papers which are used by schools nationally.

Rossi’s innovative approach in the classroom is disseminated to members of staff and teachers in local schools. He has been responsible for the supervision of many trainee and newly qualified teachers, as well as providing valued training for technicians, and extensive support for many extracurricular activities for pupils.