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2023 Teachers of Physics Award: Amelia Ross

St Bernadette Catholic Secondary School

For providing passion and enthusiasm for the subject, teaching excellence, inclusive teaching and outstanding leadership of professional development within and school and local area.

Amelia Ross is a consistently excellent teacher whose work is underpinned by her expert pedagogical knowledge. Students enjoy her calm and purposeful classroom where all abilities and backgrounds are valued.

Ross has supported local secondary and primary teachers, enabling the sharing of best practice and supporting non-specialist teachers. She was instrumental in delivering a Bristol-wide project helping teachers to embed science capital into their schemes of work.

Each year, hundreds of entries are received for Ross’ physics video competition, which helps to relate physics to the real world and support parental engagement. She has been particularly effective at linking primary and secondary schools to support effective transition. Ross has worked regionally to connect underrepresented groups to the STEM community.