2015 Chadwick Medal and Prize

For her study of deep inelastic scattering of leptons on nuclei which has revealed the internal structure of the proton.

Professor Amanda Cooper Sarkar

Amanda Cooper-Sarkar is one of the world’s most distinguished high energy physicists working in the area of deep inelastic scattering experiments. Deep Inelastic Scattering (DIS) is analogous to the use of an electron microscope. A high energy electron strikes a proton to reveal its inner structure. 

Her career has covered all forms of lepton-proton scattering and the study of Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) to elucidate the structure of the nucleon. She has distinguished herself over decades in devising techniques to distil the experimental data into knowledge that could be interpreted and extrapolated in QCD. She is one of the leading figures currently preparing the final papers in the area of DIS from the Hadron Electron Ring Accelerator at the German Electron Synchrotron (DESY). They will be textbook results for decades to come. She has also taken this knowledge and applied it to the Large Hadron Collider, where the techniques of structure function data analysis are essential for virtually all precision measurements, including in the area of Higgs physics.

She plays a leading role in the ATLAS groups at CERN that are making new measurements of the proton structure function, thereby ensuring that new generations are able to use the techniques that she has devised to make improved measurements of the proton structure in future years.

Her book Deep Inelastic Scattering, with Devenish, is a standard text in the field.

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