2011 Chadwick Medal and Prize

Professor Terry Wyatt

University of Manchester

For his outstanding contributions to Hadron Collider Physics.

Terry Wyatt has played an extremely prominent role in the evolution of hadron collider physics over a 25 year period, starting with his work at the CERN SPS collider in the 1980’s through to his role as co-spokesperson of the D-Zero collaboration at the Tevatron and his recent activity as chair of CERN's Large Hadron Collider Committee. 

As a CERN Fellow he showed great character, skill and tenacity in being able to demonstrate the spurious nature of the 'top-quark' signal claimed by the UA1 collaboration, simultaneously doing a valuable service to science and confirming his reputation as a formidable data analyst. Playing a prominent role in the UK initiative to join the D-Zero collaboration at Fermilab in the late 1990's, Terry established a strong Manchester University group which has made some outstanding physics contributions in electroweak, top quark and Higgs physics, including an innovative analysis of double Z boson production, which represents a major stepping stone towards the observation of Higgs boson. 

He served as co-spokesperson of D-Zero from 2004 to 2007, leading the collaboration through a very exciting period in which it obtained the first evidence of Bs meson oscillations and single top quark production. From 2007 to 2010 he has served as the chair of the LHCC at a crucial stage in the run up to first beam collisions at the LHC and the analysis of the first collision data.

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