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Joseph Thomson Medal and Prize recipients

For distinguished contributions to atomic or molecular physics.


Professor Ulrich Schneider

For groundbreaking experiments on the collective dynamics of quantum gases in optical lattices, including fundamental studies of localization effects in both disordered and quasicrystalline systems.

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Professor Michael Tarbutt
Imperial College London

For pioneering experimental and theoretical work on the production of ultracold molecules by laser cooling, and the applications of those molecules to quantum science and tests of fundamental physics.


Professor Carla Figueira De Morisson Faria
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University College London

For distinguished contributions to the theory of strong-field laser-matter interactions, particularly the development of semi-analytical models bringing together attoscience and mathematical physics that provide vital tools to the physics community.


Professor Michael Charlton
Swansea University

For scientific leadership in antimatter science, particularly within the ATHENA and ALPHA collaborations, and the formation and study of antihydrogen, including precision two-photon spectroscopy of the 1S – 2S transition.


Professor Simon Cornish
Durham University
For outstanding contributions to experiments on ultra-cold atoms and molecules, in particular, the formation of matter-wave solitons and ultra-cold ground state molecules and their interactions.


Professor Jeremy Hutson
Durham University
For his pioneering work on the theory of ultracold molecules, which has provided fundamental insights into ultracold atomic and molecular collisions and which underpins recent experiments to create molecular quantum gases.


Professor Charles S Adams
Durham University
For his insightful and imaginative experiments which have pioneered the field of Rydberg quantum optics, and the understanding of light-matter interactions in systems with strong dipole-dipole interactions.


Professor Michael Köhl
Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge
For his pioneering experimental work in Bose-Einstein condensates and cold Fermi gases.


Professor Gaetana Laricchia
University College London
For her contributions to the development of the world's only positronium beam and its use to probe the properties of atoms and molecules.


Professor Edward Hinds
Imperial College London
For his important and elegant experimental investigations in the fields of atomic physics and quantum optics.