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Phillips Award

The Phillips Award is for distinguished service to the Institute of Physics.

This award is for members who have played a significant role in the Institute of Physics. We reward innovative ideas or activities that have made a major contribution to our objectives. Nominees may have made original contributions to:

  • our groups
  • our branches
  • our governance
  • the promotion of the Institute of Physics

Examples of distinguished service include:

  • starting a new activity which becomes a sustainable contribution to the IOP’s strategy and charitable purpose
  • establishing a new local centre which grows and develops to a thriving forum for membership and community engagement
  • running a series of major conferences that become an established part of the physics research community
  • embedding public engagement activities that make a tangible difference to the way children and the public connect with physics in a meaningful and lasting way

Making a nomination

We recognise that our members contribute to the IOP in many different ways and we do not have a set of criteria for making a nomination. 

About Major CES Phillips

Major CES Phillips was one of the founders of the Institute of Physics and was Honorary Treasurer from 1929 to 1945. He was a pioneer in medical physics and also served as President of the British Institute of Radiology from 1930 to 1931, and as Honorary Secretary of the Royal Institution.



  • Gail Elizabeth Millar
  • Vincent Smith

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  • Dr Dimitra Darambara
  • Professor Jamie Hobbs
  • Dr John Williams


  • Stuart Palmer
  • Nicola Wilkin


  • Dr Heather Williams


  • Professor Brian Fulton
  • Dr Mark Telling


  • Professor James Hough OBE
  • Professor Julian Jones OBE


  • Bob Boutland


  • Ann Marks MBE CPhys FInstP and Neil Marks CPhys FInstP (Joint Award)
  • John Colligon CPhys FInstP


  • Lisa Jardine-Wright
  • Colin Latimer

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