2013 Award winners

IOP Award winners 2013

Isaac Newton Medal of the Institute of Physics
Sir John Pendry

Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College London
For his seminal contributions to surface science, disordered systems and photonics.

Dirac Medal and prize
Professor Stephen Mark Barnett

University of Strathclyde
For his wide ranging contributions throughout optics research, which both inspire and lead experimental endeavours.

Faraday Medal and prize
Professor E A Hinds

Centre for Cold Matter, Imperial College London
For his innovative and seminal experimental investigations into ultra-cold atoms and molecules.

Glazebrook Medal and prize
Professor Lyndon Rees Evans

CERN, Geneva and Imperial College London
For his outstanding leadership of the Large Hadron Collider Project.

Swan Medal and prize
Dr Stuart S P Parkin

IBM Research – Almaden
For his discoveries of the underlying physics and of novel device architectures that have established the field spintronics.

Chadwick Medal and prize
Professor Jonathan Butterworth

University College London
For his pioneering experimental and phenomenological work in high energy particle physics, especially in the understanding of hadronic jets.

Joule Medal and prize
Professor Paul French

Imperial College London
For his contributions to the development of Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM) and its wide deployment from underpinning laboratory research to clinical application

Mott Medal and prize
Dr Andrew James Shields

Toshiba Research Europe Ltd
For his research on semiconductor sources and detectors of quantum light states, as well as their application to secure communication on optical fibres, quantum-enhanced sensing and quantum computing.

Payne-Gaposchkin Medal and prize
Professor Peter Norreys

University of Oxford and STFC Rutherford Appleton Laborator
For his pioneering contributions to the physics of fast particle generation and energy transport in relativistic laser- plasma interactions.

Rayleigh Medal and prize
Professor Edmund Copeland

University of Nottingham
For his work on particle/string cosmology from the evolution of cosmic superstrings, to the determination of the nature of Inflation in string cosmology and to constraining dynamical models of dark energy and modified gravity.

Tabor Medal and prize
Professor Peter Beton

University of Nottingham
For pioneering work on molecular organisation and manipulation on surfaces, particularly in relation to molecular rolling, the formation of nanoporous templates and entropically stabilised molecular tilings.

Young Medal and prize
Professor Jeremy J Baumberg

University of Cambridge
For his pioneering contributions to nanophotonics, and in particular for demonstrating the wide variety of coherent optical interactions of semiconductors.

Maxwell Medal and prize
Dr Joanna Dunkley

University of Oxford
For her contributions to determining the structure and history of our Universe

Moseley Medal and prize
Dr John J L Morton

University College London
For his contributions to experimental quantum control of electron and nuclear spins towards applications in quantum technologies.

Paterson Medal and prize
Dr Ian Chapman

CCFE Fusion Association
For his experimental investigations of the stability of fusion experiments that have provided critical insights into enhanced fusion performance.

Bragg Medal and prize
Bob Kibble

Retired, formerly University of Edinburgh
For his life-long contributions to the teaching of physics in all phases of education, from primary school to further and higher education.

Kelvin Medal and prize
Professor Jeff Forshaw

University of Manchester
For his wide-reaching work aimed at helping the general public to understand complex ideas in physics.

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