Eligibility for awards

Those eligible for awards should have made a substantial contribution to the development or reputation of physics in the UK or Ireland. The Isaac Newton Medal of the Institute of Physics is open to anyone.

Nominees for the Isaac Newton Medal should not normally have received a Nobel Prize.

Those who are currently paid employees of the Institute, those under contract to the Institute, members of Council and members of the Awards Committee are not eligible for awards. Any nominations received for a person in one of these positions, will be held over for consideration at the next sitting of the Awards Committee, after they have they have stepped down from their position.

It is possible that, in some cases, someone previously under contract to the Institute might become eligible as their contract comes to an end. In such cases, work performed for the Institute would not normally be considered for an award, unless it was above and beyond what might have been reasonably expected.

The Maxwell medal, Moseley medal and Paterson medal are our Early Career Awards.  Council has defined ‘early career’ as those individuals in the first 12 years of their career (allowing for any career breaks), for example, following the award of a first degree. 

Nominees must be within this period before 31 July in the year which the medal is to be awarded. For example, a person nominated for the 2015 Paterson Medal, who has had no career breaks, must have received their first degree no earlier than 31 July 2003.

In addition, the awards are given in order of seniority; i.e. no one who has won a Subject Award may be awarded an Early Career Award and so on.

Any queries regarding IOP Awards should be emailed to awards@iop.org.